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March 25, 2018



Rob shares about the church. What is the significance of being part of one body and belonging to one another? Read 1 Peter 2:9-12. What does it mean to be a royal priesthood, God’s special possession, a chosen people? How significant is the language Peter is using especially in relation to Israel and the Old Testament? Read Matthew 22:37-40 and John 13:34-35. What is the relationship of the neighbour to us? Who is Jesus actually calling us to love as ourselves?What do you think are the differences between the Church in Acts 2:42-47 and the Church today?What do you think are the social influences contributing today to making the Church the way it is? Read Romans 15:1-7. What things does Paul say about in those verses that needs to integral to a Church? (Remember the significance of the meaning of neighbour in these passages) Looking at your own church in relation to the above verses, what areas do you think need addressing? F A I T H A committed fellowship of people on a journey to learn and impart learning with each other and with those around us. L O V E Selflessly serving one another. Eating, praying, and praising God. United as one in Christ. A C T I O N To be God’s light to the world.

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